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Image by Ross Stone

Payahuunadu  Cooperative Project

Owens Valley, CA

The N50 Project team is implementing Intelligent Desktop Virtualization (IDV) with the N50 Project Lead Partner Intel.  Made up of Inyo and Mono Counties, the Owens Valley and Lone Pine Communities expressed the need for a managed computer lab to support 74 K-12th grade students enrolled in afterschool programs and 60 adult students with post-secondary education and employment opportunities. Our team assisted with the delivery and deployment of IDV computer labs with 31 workstations.  The labs provided digital literacy training that helps to increase skills, knowledge and applications for students and adult learners.


The solution provides IDV computer labs with 31 workstations deployed and digital literacy training provided to increase skills, knowledge and application awareness in adult communities.  Serving these communities has provided many benefits, as it is easy for staff to implement and deploy, supports offline mode for less reliance on the networks, is a low cost with simplified IT centralized management for the small staff managing the labs, highly flexible for future needs to grow with the community and supports many application needs by the Tribal communities.


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