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Issue 15 - August 2023 - Read the Web Version Issue of this N50 Connect
In This Issue - Maricopa County Digital Equity Project Launches, Amplifying Voice: N50 'For WomenKind' Series Spotlights the Indigenous Experience, N50 IRN Thrives at NTTA, N50 Team Champions Asia-Pacific Policy, IDV Project Successfully Installed, N50 at UNGA, Join N50 at Africa Tech Festival and more.
Issue 14 - July 2023 - Read the Web Version Issue of this N50 Connect
In This Issue - The N50 Portal is Live, N50 'For WomenKind' Speaker Series Continues, N50 Celebrates Future Women Tech Leaders, N50 Board of Advisors Prioritize Participation
Issue 13 - June 2023 - Read the Web Version Issue of this N50 Connect
In This Issue - Tribal Advisory Board Holds Inaugural Meeting for 'Indigenous Resilience Network'; New N50 Portal Unveiled at Partner meeting; Dr Revi Sterling Kicks off For WomenKind Speaker Series; Two Contexts, One Solution; N50 Partner, Computer Aid, Commended at 10 Downing Street; N50 Best Practices Highlighted at Community Resilience Summit
Issue 12 - May 2023
In This Issue - N50's For WomenKind Powers Up with N50 Partners, N50 Partners Collaborate to Foster Digital Inclusion in Austin, Indigenous Connectivity Summit, N50 Partnership on Display at Dell World, Tribal Digital Literacy and Skills Building, Partner Spotlight: VCTI
Issue 11 - April 2023
In This Issue - N50 Approach Begins Locally to Scale Globally, Prioritizing Strategy, N50 Projects: Designed for Scale, Notes from the Field: East Africa
Issue 10 - March 2023
In This Issue - Amplifying Impact Through Strategic Communications, Turn Social Impact into Business Impact, N50 Video Debut at SXSW, Driving  N50 Project Momentum
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