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Digital Participation for the Next 50%



We believe that there is a collective moral imperative to invest in each person’s capacity for growth and opportunity.

Access to affordable digital content, applications, and services at adequate speed is critical.


Enabling the next 3.9 billion people to participate in the digital world.

The N50 Project accelerates digital adoption and community enrichment through innovative applications, network design, and business models to enable the next 3.9 billion people to participate in the digital world. Broadband adoption will be accelerated and sustained, globally, through commercial, non-profit, government, and community partnerships.

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digital adoption

and community enrichment

Why N50 Project

Connectivity is just the start. We focus on tech-neutral connectivity, literacy, language, and convening partners to deliver human-enriching applications around education, healthcare, agriculture, and local entrepreneurship. We believe this model in partnership with private enterprise is the opportunity to scale. No one company can do this on their own.


What We're Doing

  • We are currently testing the model in a pilot at a rural village in Zambia and a rural location in the US.

  • We are developing implementable blueprints that focus on connectivity options, applications, and sustainability.

  • We are recruiting partners from public, private, non-profit, and academia to join the charter.

  • We will launch in Q1 2022

Our Partners and Ecosystems

N50 partners include organizations that have a passionate drive to close the global digital divide. We all share the unshakeable desire to deliver applications and contents to communities along the outer edge of the digital infrastructure. N50 partners are a coalition of the willing. We include Fortune 500 companies, Non-Governmental Organizations, Academic Institutions and entrepreneurial ventures. N50 is an open, inclusive ecosystem that is fueling transformation in some of the most challenging environments. Your organization can make a difference! Submit a compelling project or a compelling solution and join us to help communities and talent that are currently stranded on the edge of networks!