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Image by Mick Haupt
Image by bill wegener

Community Empowerment: The Digital Layer in Uganda

Three equity initiatives have converged to provide a digital layer of support for Uganda. The N50 Project with partners, are committed to bringing an ecosystem of partners to model innovative broadband solutions for challenges of health, learning, and financial well-being.

A thin gap exists between the reach of the communications infrastructure provider and the efforts on the ground each day helping the community with their medicine, education, and their crops.


This N50 Project, led by nonprofit Geeks Without Frontiers, is proposing a 10-school pilot in Namutumba, Uganda that will demonstrate the viability and capabilities of this digital layer while serving thousands of community members.
This initiative is inspired and informed by the N50-developed connectivity model successfully prototyped in Zambia.


With our partners, the N50 developed this unique low-cost broadband architecture designed to enable remote education solutions to be delivered cost effectively in rural Africa. The Luumbo White Paper is Here.

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