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Image by Ovidio Soto
Image by Javier Amador

Puerto Rico Disaster Resilience & Response

The N50 Project are currently working with N50 Partners, government, and local Partners in Ponce, Puerto Rico to collaborate, develop, deliver and provide exponential impact to hurricane affected areas from recent Hurricanes Irma, Maria and Fiona.

Additional projects in varying global locations are being developed and worked on with the N50 partnership and local stakeholders.

The strategic vision for Disaster Resilience and Response Office has been conceived by the N50 Project as a partner-enabled program that builds upon best practices in disaster response with community-centric digital resilience.

Working with the N50 Partnership for Community Preparedness:

  • Design to coordinate governance, infrastructure resilience advocacy, engage key partners and align with the UNDRR Sendai impact measurement

  • Build - Establish 1st "Resilience in Response" to disaster location, secure matching funding and N50 Partner in-kind gifts and service, identify "Resilience in Advance" of disaster locations, building employee & community participation platform, and track UNDRR Sendai Impact measurement.

  • Scale - expand partner ecosystem, promulgate infrastructure resilience practices, implement employee & community participation platform, coordinate ongoing "Resilience in Response", activate ongoing "Resilience in Advance" and continue UNDRR Sendai Impact measurement.

Our exponential impact has been demonstrated in our recent work in Portable Connectivity Centers. The N50 Ukraine refugee response demonstrated the power of collective action to achieve goals that no one company, however large, can achieve wireless broadband, digital devices, power charging stations and community center applications.

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