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The N50 partners' primary focus is to launch projects for marginalized communities using best-practice playbooks for long-term delivery of ICT solutions. N50 is an open, inclusive ecosystem that is fueling transformation in some of the world's most challenging environments. Our live 'Digital Participation' projects in the field are designed to enable communities to access the education, health, social and financial benefits that flow from affordable and sustainable digital inclusion.

N50 Roadmap

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Luumbo, Zambia Community Project

The N50 project team is collaborating with partners in Zambia to test the concept in an under-served, very poor rural environment. The village selected for the project is Luumbo, in the remote Gwembe district of southern Zambia. Initial surveys have confirmed that the availability of devices capable of internet connectivity are very limited in Luumbo, and very few people there are internet users. The N50 project team is working closely with the local community leaders to pre-plan the roll-out of the technology, provide a Proof of Concept (PoC) for education services and are facilitating the deployment of other services into Luumbo to help meet adult education, health, agricultural and leisure needs of the community.

Welcome to America Project

The N50 Project team is working with several partners in Phoenix, Arizona to assist the Welcome to America Project, an organization that assists newly settle refugees with basics for integration for the United States. The N50 project is providing digital literacy skills for a group of refugees with assistance and videos to help with Broadband for the Community, education, English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring, online job searches and more.  The N50 blueprint for this project includes connectivity, laptops, digital literacy, ESL applications and more.

Image by Nick Fewings
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