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Small-scale Indonesian Fishers to Sustainability and Equity

The fishing sector holds a crucial position in the Indonesian economy, providing livelihoods and income for millions of individuals. This industry is of paramount importance, employing approximately 2.36 million fishers, many of whom are engaged in small-scale fisheries. Nevertheless, the industry faces challenges, including a poverty rate that exceeds 12% among fishers. Consequently, creative solutions are imperative to address these concerns. Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia, and Cisco, a worldwide technology leader, announced an agreement to begin a Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) program in Indonesia. This project aims to harness technology to empower fishers, thereby yielding economic advantages and promoting sustainable fisheries management.

Cisco's CDA team partners with national and state governments worldwide to accelerate their national digitization agendas and deliver beneficial services to their citizens faster and more effectively. Indonesia is the first country in Southeast Asia to be a part of the program.

The program in Indonesia will focus on five key areas: Digital Government, Digital Industry, Digital State-Owned Enterprise, Cybersecurity, and Digital Inclusion.

The agreement was announced at meeting between Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo, Cisco’s President for ASEAN, Naveen Menon, and Managing Director Cisco Indonesia, Marina Kacaribu. Learn more about the Cisco initiative here.

N50 Partner, Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara (YKAN), has secured a new community partnership with Cisco, a global technology leader. This collaboration is set to make a remarkable impact as Geeks joins forces with YKAN.   The collaboration between YKAN and Geeks Without Frontiers melds expertise in conservation science with technological innovation. YKAN's alignment with The Nature Conservancy underscores the project's dedication to ecological preservation, while Geeks' proficiency ensures seamless integration of artificial intelligence and data transmission technologies.

This collaborative endeavor is centered around harnessing a sophisticated smartphone application embedded with
advanced artificial intelligence. This app will empower fishermen to capture high-quality images of their catch, which will then be transmitted to a centralized database for real-time analysis. This inventive approach offers a more
comprehensive understanding of fish populations and trends compared to conventional fisheries management

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