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EduLabs in 80 Dominican Republic Communities

In a ground-breaking public-private partnership, N50 partners have joined together to usher in a new era of digital literacy and empowerment in the Dominican Republic. Spearheaded by Food for the Hungry Dominican Republic, the EduLabs program was inaugurated with two schools on October 26th, aiming to reach 80 vulnerable communities and positively impact over 23,000 Dominican families.


The initiative aims to set up advanced technology labs with efficient internet access in 80 public schools located in various regions including Greater Santo Domingo, Monte Plata, Elías Piña, and San Juan de La Maguana. The overarching goal is to provide training in digital literacy, tech-skills for employment, and innovative uses of digital tools to over 90,000 individuals, spanning children, youth, and adults.


The celebratory inauguration was held at the John F. Kennedy school in Santo Domingo Este. The event was attended by a team of N50 Partners such as Dennis Mahoney of Food for the Hungry, Rocío Cruz, Executive Director of FH Dominicana; Eduvigen Rosario of the Ministry of Education; Luis Marín of Intel; David Hartshorn and Scott Gostisha of Geeks Without Frontiers; Fernando Sanz of N50 Partner SMART Technologies; and Roger Clark of N50 Partner Appliansys.



David Hartshorn of Geeks Without Frontiers said, "This effort is a perfect example of how N50 works. By bringing together the talent and expertise of multiple partners, we can accelerate learning, scale effectively, and problem-solve in ways that would be unimaginable otherwise. This effort has the potential to revolutionize accessible education for so many students across the country."


The alliance, comprised of the Ministry of Education, Intel, Geeks Without Frontiers, SMART Technologies, Appliansys, and The N50 Project, reflects a commitment to nurturing the aspirations of future generations and ensuring a brighter, technologically adept future for the Dominican Republic.

Watch the Food for the Hungry EduLabs Video

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